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All different species of salamanders. From the tiny slimy salalmanders to the larger Tiger Barred and Spotted Salalmanders. Assortment of Lesser and Greater Sirens and lots more.

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"We're All About Reptiles and Amphibians!"

We're passionate about bringing quality products to your collection.

I love reptiles and going into the fields to create my own collection. As the demand for quality reptile specimens grows, we maintain the ability to locate and collect them in the quantity that is needed to satisfy the current demand.

We have the unlimited resources to find specimens that customers want. Too often, if you go to a pet store, find a good specimen, and don't buy it right away, you may never see it again. Herps is our game.

Large varieity of captive bred species are available and more species to be included at a later time.

At Florida Reptiles based in Hollywood, Florida, we're wild about reptiles, and import and export Florida snakes, exotic pets, and other animals to and from throughout the world. Since 1989, we have supplied to wholesalers, retailers, and individuals.

Due to a fast turnover, we offer high quality specimens. We also have lower overhead, allowing us to offer better pricing. At Florida Reptiles, we are also wild about our customers, and provide the best service in the industry. Contact uswith comments or questions about our inventory.

At Florida Reptiles based in Hollywood, Florida, we carry a large assortment of not only Florida reptiles, but also herps imported from all over the world. Learn more about what we carry and contact us with questions or comments.

We consider ourselves the #1 reptile dealer in the Eastern United States. Our herps are top quality.

We're #1 Reptile Dealer/Wholesaler

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